The goal of all project work is to deliver business value

  • Participation in large customer implementations throughout the world with responsibility of the project budget.
  • Follow-up & steering of teams (consultants, developers, analysts, ...).
  • Definition of Project (PMI) & Development methodology (QRPD) and Quality Assurance.
  • Coaching project team members by introducing more structured analysis methodology.
  • Introducing solid project approach and promotion of AGILE development (SCRUM & SAFE).
  • Guiding rollout of new modules towards thousands of employees/end users.
  • Improvement of various documentations and training set-up towards end users.
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    Keep It Simple, Stupid! (kiss)

  • Product innovation and leading software development teams.
  • Due diligence of software products.
  • Business & Functional Analysis.
  • Strategy, budget & planning, participation in the executive committees and steerings.
  • Set-up of new organisations - setting up structures and assisting with business development, recruitment of team members, VC negotiation, purchase & supplier selection.
  • Establishment of new and maintained partnerships/alliances with third party providers.
  • Introduction of Single Point Of Contact (methods and systems) for support operations.
  • Using the principles of Service Delivery / Support (ITIL).
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    Customers care about their business, not about you

  • Marketing activities and campaigns.
  • Lead generation & Sales.
  • Account management & contract negotiations.
  • Answering RFIs, RFPs, drafting project proposals.
  • Ensure that the proper sales and promotional deliverables are available and up-to-date.(printed and web materials), giving on-site & (internet) presentations, organising events and so on.