Not IT on itself, but what you can accomplish using Information Technology, is what stimulates me in my professional life. I am intrigued on how to achieve a better life and improve the workplace through technology.

The sound of C

This is what I believe in to obtain my goals (4 Cs) based on 30+ years of business experience:

  • Creativity in what you do and how you solve complex business challenges
  • Communicate what you want to do, how you would like to proceed and what you've accomplished
  • Continuity; every day again going for excellence while aligning your daily activities to a common goal
  • Collaboration is about working together with the people inside and outside your organisation, co-creation of business and systems excellence
  • Other Cs that can be considered as useful are:

  • Customer, target your efforts to your customer (internal or external) audiences
  • Cash means that you still have to remember the initial business objectives or bottom line
  • Competition is never sitting still, be open for innovation and realise that change is everywhere

    Cause I'm convinced that learning is an ongoing process and effort, I frequently attend seminars and other courses.


    Effective Knowledge Management (KM) should provide an answer to the following questions:

  • How do we store knowledge?
  • How can we exchange it?
  • How can we make knowledge accessible?
  • How do we enhance and stimulate (re)use of knowledge?
  • The Knowledge Process has some specific needs:

  • Knowledge creation is about people and culture.
  • It must link to real business needs and objectives.
  • Support from top management and support from the floor is key.
  • Recognise those who are willing to share their knowledge!
  • Continuity, KM is a part of our daily tasks.